It was reported today that Atlanta Hawks GM Danny Ferry has been fined $15,000 for an inappropriate interaction he had with the officials following Saturday's loss to the Boston Celtics.  While his frustration is warranted (the Hawks blew a 19-point lead), I am worried that he is setting a bad example for the players.  They have had good chemistry this year, and I don't want that chemistry to dissolve in frustration.  It's not like the Hawks don't have some players who were labeled as "head cases" in past seasons (*cough* *cough* Josh and DeShawn), and head cases have tendencies to erupt when the situation is right.  I think one blowup is probably no big deal, and I don't want to criticize Danny Ferry after all the off-season work he did to put us standing at 20-12 at this point in the season.  Great work Danny, just please make sure to keep your cool!