The Atlanta Hawks have announced their roster for the 2012 training camp.  Training camp starts Monday, 10/1 at 2:45pm with Media Day activities on the Philips Arena practice court.  The training camp roster is as follows: James Anderson, Keith Benson, Devin Harris, Al Horford, Damion James, John Jenkins, Carldell Johnson, Ivan Johnson, Kyle Korver, Anthony Morrow, Zaza Pachulia, Johan Petro, Mike Scott, Josh Smith, DeShawn Stevenson, Jeff Teague, Anthony Tolliver, and Lou Williams.  This training camp roster includes the 13 players currently on the Hawks team roster with contracts.  It also includes, however, four additional players who will be competing for the final two roster spots.  There are a total of 18 players on this roster that will be heading to training camp next week.  This will also serve as the Hawks' preseason roster.  I like this team this year.  There are too many power forwards, as I have expressed in previous blog posts, heading to training camp with the Hawks, but that is why some of these players will get cut.  Overall, this looks to me like it will be a pretty competitive team.
Hawks training camp in 2011