It was reported that the Atlanta Hawks' own Zaza Pachulia has received a warning from the NBA for violating the league's anti-flopping rule on Friday, Decmber 7th against the Washington Wizards.  The flop occured as Kevin Seraphin was attempting to throw an outlet pass off a rebound.  Seraphin swung an elbow, which pretty clearly did not hit Pachulia, and Zaza fell backwards holding his shoulder as if he had been hit hard.  The video can be seen here.  Pachulia is the eighth player in the league to receive a warning this year (the first Hawks player).  Starting with a second violation, the player is fined for each following violation.  The monetary amount of each fine increases along with the number of violations.  I don't think it is too big a deal.  It's just a warning, and Pachulia clearly was guilty.  As long as this doesn't affect the team in any negative way and Pachulia got the message, I think we forget about this as fans and move on.

Zaza Pachulia flopping